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Event details

Conference date: Wednesday, March 4th

Location: The Majestic Downtown Los Angeles

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, December 1st

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Git Merge is the annual Git community conference, focused on contributors, source control teams, and end-users of the best open source version control system. Every year, over 350 people participate in Git Merge, showing their commitment to the community of users and developers of a tool that has become an integral part of all of our development workflows. This year we are switching up the format and offering a one day only event “pick your own agenda” that offers single-track conference featuring technical content. 

About you

We like opinionated, thoughtful, and compelling sessions from diverse speakers with all levels of experience, whether it's your first talk or your fiftieth. We’re available for any questions as you go through the application process. Before submitting a session please look over the conference code of conduct.


All general sessions are 30 minutes long. We’re looking for talks that explore how Git is used in your software workflow, technical deep-dives, becoming a Git contributor, building on top of Git, and scaling Git across teams.

All workshop sessions are 50 minutes long, can accommodate up to 175 attendees and are designed to be interactive learning experiences in a classroom setting. With the large group size, please factor in time during the workshop for attendees to download software. Prerequisites will be communicated to the attendees on the website before the event to help minimize the problem. Technical levels for attendees will vary, so please indicate the intended level of experience in your session description. 

If you require a co-presenter travel and accommodations of that (1) person will be provided under the event policy. Additional staff required to facilitate receive a conference ticket, but are not covered under the Git Merge travel policy.


Content is technically leaning, featuring sessions on workflows and case studies from individuals and organizations pushing Git to the limits. We want to hear how you're using Git in unexpected ways. Take us deep into how your team is using Git at a massive scale. Share how you're bringing new developers into the fold with Git. If Git is a major part of how you work, we want to hear your story.


Git Merge brings together engineers, designers, and technical managers from all areas in the open source community. You can expect the audience to be technical and general experts with Git. They'll come from open source projects and professional software teams at organizations large and small.

For Git Merge 2020 we expect to have 350 amazing community members.

Selection process

Submissions go through a double blind review process by a panel of GitHub employees from a range of departments and backgrounds. Speaker information will be used in any final reviews necessary to break ties and bring balance and a diverse perspective to the speaking line-up. Final selections should be completed by Friday Dec 20th, 2019.

Speaker compensation

All speakers will receive admission to Git Merge and the after party. For those speakers that do not already have corporate sponsorship of their speaking engagements, we will offer travel compensation. If you fall into this category and your talk is accepted, you will receive:

  • Two nights of hotel accommodations March 3 & 4. Hotel must be equivalent to or less than USD $330/night (including all fees and taxes) and receipts must be submitted. 
  • Economy airfare reimbursement up to $500 USD.
  • [Workshop Specific] If you require a co-presenter travel and accommodations of that (1) person will be provided under the event policy. Additional staff required to facilitate receive a conference ticket, but are not covered under the Git Merge travel policy.

We strive to make speaking at Git Merge as accessible as possible. If your session is selected and you need additional support, including childcare or unique accommodations, then please inform our team. If you’re considering speaking, please remember that we’re seeking a range of speakers from different backgrounds, communities, and experience.

Tips for submissions:

  • Clarify key takeaways: what can the audience expect to learn?
  • We recommend your session be concise and focused—history lessons and overviews are not great in this format. The narrower your topic is, the deeper you can dive into it, giving the audience more to take home.
  • Focus on topics that are relevant to the conference theme: Git and the Git community. Because this conference is about the Git community as a whole, we are not seeking sessions that are focused on GitHub as a product or company.
  • Be innovative: Share unique knowledge, explore new use cases, expand the conversation.
  • Please do not incorporate Q&A time into your session - it doesn’t translate well on the livestream or in videos. You will have plenty of time to address questions 1:1 with your audience after your session.
  • We don’t recommend live demos.
  • We will not accept product or sales pitches.


If you’re interested in speaking at Git Merge, please first familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct, and then complete the proposal form.

Please note: The deadline for submissions is Sunday Dec 1, 2019.

Sign up for event notifications at git-merge.com.

If you have any questions, please email events@github.com.